Pretend Sales Letter

Come to Pisano’s for Pizza and FREE Beer

Hey Patrick,

What do the terms “Chicago-style,” “Sicilian” and “New York-Style” all have in common? You’ve guessed it – they’re all types of PIZZA!

This lockdown has been incredibly difficult for both of us… I mean we haven’t seen each other in TWO months! Not to mention all of the other difficulties that have taken place since Coronavirus took hold in our neck of the woods. But tonight, we can take a stand. Pat, tonight, we can step right past fear and right into the open arms of hope.

How can pizza instill hope you may ask? Pizza, in all its glorious forms, gives inspiration to those who need it most. The cascading cheese fills the soul with joy. The perfectly balanced sauce creates an unwavering faith in the future. The crispy crust brings delight to those who appreciate the finer things in life. And the endless options of toppings signify that there is much more good to come in this world – if you just take a bite.

Patrick, Pisano’s Pizzeria is tailormade for you. They make the finest meat lovers pizza known to man. The restaurant’s air is filled with the soundwaves of rock n roll. And they’ve even got a trivia night where you can wow the crowd with your insane movie knowledge.

Pisano’s is renowned for its outstanding pizza – and is especially famous for featuring Georgia’s most extensive offering of local draft beer.

I miss you Pat – beer and pizza miss you too. It’s time to reunite and enjoy the fine delicacies that await at Pisano’s Pizzeria. Tonight’s the night to get pizza and crush it in trivia with me, your best friend. In fact, tonight is the grand reopening of Pisano’s – and they’re offering UNLIMITED free beer to celebrate! So, break the cycle of “normalcy” and grab a slice of the good stuff. You won’t regret it.

Looking forward to reconnecting.

Your friend,


P.S. I need to see if you’ve still got any college student left in you… let’s chug a beer first thing and find out!